August 14, 2020

One of the IRN alliance sites became Hospital of the Year for 2017 in Bulgaria

University Hospital “Virgin Mary” is one  of the bigest and well  equipped private hospitals in  Bulgaria. It has 129 beds, four  operating rooms , two  delivery rooms and 191  employees –  qualified and experienced staff. It is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

More  than  120 000  patients  per  year  seek medical  care  in the hospital and its affiliated medical center.

The University Hospital became part of the IRN  site alliance network in 2016 and IRN has an established workplace there, actively collaborating with all clinics. We have  several ongoing  projects  here,  including  complicated  ICU  project  with  a recruitment over the average in the country.

The  hospital  covers  wide  range  of  therapeutic  areas,  including  obstetrics  and gynecology,   neonatology,   anesthesiology  and  intensive  care,  orthopedics  and traumatology,   surgery,   vascular   surgery,   urology,  neurology,  cardiology  and invasive   cardiology,  oncology.   It  has   also   therapeutic   department,  imaging, microbiology laboratory and clinical laboratory.

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