Who we are

Who we are

International Research Network is privately owned Bulgarian company, spin-off of Comac Medical Ltd.

Comac Medical is a full-service privately owned boutique Contract Research Organization, founded in 1997 by Dr. Milen Vrabevski, Owner and CEO. It currently has more than 290 full-time employees and operates at the best healthcare institutions in 22 European countries with a population greater than 300 million.

IRN was established to address the high need for patient sourcing techniques and having behind Comac Medical 20 years of experience, rapidly became the fastest growing Patient-Centered Site Alliance Network in Eastern and Central Europe.

Two years since its establishment the company already operates in more than 170 institutions in 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe with a population of more than 150 million people.

The headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has also offices in Bucharest /Romania/, Belgrade /Serbia/, Skopje /Macedonia/, Tuzla / Bosnia and Herzegovina/, Vilnius /Lithuania/, Zagreb /Croatia/ and Tbilisi /Georgia/.

IRN has own trained and experienced local staff in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Moldova, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are partnering with more than 600 Principal Investigators in all therapeutic areas, have access to more than 1 800 000 patients on file and continues to grow with sustanable pace.

Why us

We know that the patients deserve access to the best potential therapies. Biopharma companies need to recruit patients as rapidly and as efficiently as possible for the success of their clinical trials.

Everyone’s interests are aligned, but unfortunately technology and communication barriers have long separated the two groups.

During the past 10 years clinical trials have become more and more complex. The designs and procedures have been increasingly complicated, demanding more time, staff and efforts, which resulted in discouraging patient enrollment and retention. And that’s where IRN comes in.

With our patient-centric and results-oriented approach of work, we improve the process by making things simple.