Case Studies

Phase III Reducing Venous Thromboembolism Risk study

  • 14 out of 20 sites in Macedonia decided to hire IRN for a study coordinator services provider
  • 6 Site coordinators allocated for the sites on a regional principle – one Site Coordinator covers 2 to 3 nearby sites with careful planning of the on-site visits depending on the study schedule and recruitment rates
  • Median recruitment in IRN supported sites is 227% better than the global average and 23, 40% better than the country average

Phase III COPD study

  • 2 sites from IRN Site Alliance Network initiated for the study
  • Due to overload of the site staff both of the sites did not start recruitment after study initiation
  • IRN hired by the sites for a study coordinator services
  • 2 Site Coordinators assigned for each site during the study conduct
  • At the study end average recruitment in the world was 7, 54 pts/ site, in Bulgaria – 10, 6 pts/site and in IRN supported sites – 15, 5 pts/site
  • Median recruitment was 105% better than the global average and 46% better than the country average

Phase III Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Study

  • Largest 5 Intensive Care Units in Bulgaria initiated in Q1 2016
  • No patients screened or randomized till the end of Q3 2017
  • IRN hired by the Sponsor as study coordinator and patient recruitment and retention service provider
  • Based on careful analysis of the patient specifics, our Site Alliance Specialists approached different departments within the institutions and in other hospitals (sites from our Alliance network) as referrals
  • 22 patients pre-screened by our staff, 9 of them were screened and 6 enrolled for 3 months
  • 3 of the sites approached IRN to extend their site management services for other studies as well

Phase III Infectious diseases study

  • 1 IRN site participating in Bulgaria
  • 50 patients enrolled in 3 weeks upon initiation

Home care

  • 138 home care nurses recruited in less than a month in Bulgaria
  • 2 country leads managed nurses for 17 sites
  • Including the home care nurses to the site teams improved the patients’ compliance and decreased the sites’ burden significantly.